How to send email from ios app?

I am new in xojo ,developing an IOS app for iPAD.
I want to send email after successful login to application.
I have tried using SMTPSocket and MBS plugin ,but it did not work in case of iOS .
Please tell me how to send an email from iOS app?
I don’t have any idea about it.

You could use a script on a web server that you call from httpsocket.

Hi Nikita,
If you haven’t yet taken a look at iOSKit and AppleLib for iOS I recommend you do so:

Although the example project doesn’t work in the current version of Xojo because of iOSTable changes the classes all work, and the example project will work if you download a past version. iOSKit has a class for sending emails as well as an example view which should get you started.
Let me know if you have any questions,

Example project does not work for Xojo 2016r2
Also I have downloaded mail view example project.
when i tried to build ,it is giving error as ld: framework not found framework.
please tell me how to solve this problem.