How to search in an area with gps coordinates (4 coordinates)

Does somebody know how to set bounderies for an area with coordinates (4 points to make a square) and then search in that area if found coordinates fit in this area.

I think just apply math’s logic

To make this question clearer for me: Can you provide an example of the coordinates of a square? Is this literally a square or is it just a four-sided figure? And is the square “orthogonal” to x and y axis?

For instance, a “square” that is orthogonal to the x and y axis can be completely specified with the coordinates of the left upper corner and the length of a side.

It would be easier for me to understand the question if I had a concrete example.

Maybe you could just use a GraphicsPath and Contains?
You would need to transform the geocoordinates into numbers fitting within a map projection and then:

Var p As New GraphicsPath
p.MoveToPoint(x1, y1) // 1st Corner
p.AddLineToPoint(x2, y2) //  2nd Corner
p.AddLineToPoint(x3, y3) // 3rd Corner
p.AddLineToPoint(x4, y4) // 4th Corner
g.DrawPath(p, True)

and then

Contains(x As Double, y As Double) As Boolean
Returns True if the coordinates passed are within bounds of the GraphicsPath.

Contains(pt As Point) As Boolean
Returns True if the point passed is within bounds of the GraphicsPath.

GPS co-ords are 2 decimal numbers, yes?
Like 40.741895 , -73.989308 for New York

if you apply the same translation to all 4 co-ordinates to make the numbers positive, and the same translation to the test point, then Contains() should work nicely, I expect.

[] 17.23,  100.23            [] 28.34,  100.23  
............[] 19.987, 117.3231.............                

[] 17.23,  150.23            [] 28.34,  150.23

There is an edge case to consider where the co-ordinates cover the international date line(?) at +/- 179.99, I’d guess.


Thank you. I was in this direction, but needed confirmation. This is the solution!

Thank you for the example. This is the solution I was looking for.