How to scan?

Hello group. I would like to create a simple interface with xojo to acquire the image from the scanner. The scanner is of the TWAIN type. With VB6 I had created a procedure with which, I pressed a button and the image was scanned directly by the scanner … I would like to do something similar with xojo. I have read in some posts that the EZTW32.dll library is used. Is there another way without having to install or register something? Thank you.

You can check out example included in MBS Xojo Plugins for TWAIN and WIA.
I would recommend to check the newer Windows Image Acquire classes there.

Yes, I’ve seen the plugin, but I’ve never used them. How are they installed? (P.S: I’m not a programmer, I have many difficulties :))

Well, let me sum it up:

  1. Download the 23.1 zip from our website:
  2. Expand/open it.
  3. Make sure Xojo is quit.
  4. Find the Xojo app folder and the Plugins folder next to it.
  5. In the archive, you find some plugins in the Plugins folder.
  6. Copy MBS Xojo Main Plugin, MBS Xojo Picture Plugin and MBS Xojo Win Plugin to the Xojo Plugins folder.
  7. Lauch Xojo. It should load the plugins.
  8. Look in the archive for Examples folder. Look for Win folder, inside for WIA folder and then open the WIA Scan project.
  9. Run the project and see if it finds your scanner.

Ok I’ll try. Thanks for now.

copied the files into the xojo plugin folder and lanicato xojo. But I don’t understand now where to find the examples folder…

You could also look at a command line and GUI piece of software called napscan2 which i use embedded is some.of my applications. This is windows only but its twain and wia compatible. Its also free/donation.

Yes, it could work. I would like a very simple thing, that when I press the button it scans what’s in the scanner and saves it. Enough. Could you send me an example of what you say?

In the download, you have the examples folder next to the plugins folder. Can you check?

Ok I get it… I opened the folder and found the WIA Scan file. Now I check it. Thank you.