How to run RemoteDebuggerConsole

Can somebody tell how to use the RemoteDebuggerConsole on Linux?
I did what was told on / but I cannot start it.

I’m doing:

root@blahblah:/# chmod +x /usr/local/blahblah/RemoteDebuggerConsole/RemoteDebuggerConsole
root@blahblah:/# /usr/local/blahblah/RemoteDebuggerConsole/RemoteDebuggerConsole --help

And the console is reporting:

-bash: /usr/local/blahblah/RemoteDebuggerConsole/RemoteDebuggerConsole: No such file or directory

Check if you’re in the right folder, as my installation uses double ‘RemoteDebuggerConsole’ subfolders (standard installation/copy to /opt/xojo/xojo/Extras/RemoteDebuggerConsole/RemoteDebuggerConsole/). Then i use the command

./RemoteDebuggerConsole --config

to show the manual config step by step. chmod +x in wrong (1st) subfolder gives no error as it’s for opening/entering the right (2nd) subfolder.

Do a CD to the folder, verify the app is there and then run it using the command (with the “.”) prefix like Thomas shows.