How to reposition window traffic lights

I want to move the close/minimize/maximize traffic light buttons down a bit like in iTunes and Safari and call this method from Window.Open

[code]Private Sub positionTrafficLights()
declare function standardButton lib “Cocoa” selector “standardWindowButton:” _
(id As integer, b As UInt32) As Ptr
declare sub setFrameOrigin lib “Cocoa” selector “setFrameOrigin:” (id As Ptr, p As NSPoint)

dim butt As Ptr, pnt As NSPoint

pnt.y = self.Height - 4 //set common traffic light drop

for buttonType As UInt32 = 0 to 2 //for each light
pnt.x = 7 + buttonType * 20 //set x for light
butt = standardButton(self.Handle, buttonType) //get light
setFrameOrigin(butt, pnt) //apply new position

End Sub[/code]

This works except the traffic lights go back to normal position when the window is resized. So I call that method in the Resizing event too and everythings hunky dory, but I’m wondering if there’s a better way, something that can just be done in open and the lights will stay repositioned.

Have you tried crashing a car into them, I’ve seen that move traffic lights! Although, you’re quite correct, they seem to magically re-appear in their original location!