How to remove a member?

Xojo guys . . . . how do we request the removal of a member who is frequently insulting to we apparently inferior human beings?

message me privately but I’m pretty sure I can guess who you mean

how do I do that?

click my name in my post & then you go to my profile
there’s a couple labels to see private conversations you’ve had with me or start one

Come on John. That was a really tough question for anyone to follow with the small amount of information you provided. It’s frustrating to try, as that guy did, only to get additional completely different information later.

Not that my 2cents is worth anything in regards to this issue… but I do believe the Original Poster is WAY over-reacting here… all things considered I think both Brad and Michel showed a fair amount of restraint in dealing with this person, and now he is asking that one/both of them be banned from this forum?

I certainly hope this site has not sunk to that point.

wasn’t different at all . . . was posted in web. You caught that. I’ve seen this guy trolling around and insulting people.

no ones getting banned - at least not by me

but remember there are way more people who do NOT code all day every day so knowing how to frame the question or what information is relevant etc is sometimes not easy to know

His OP also referred to web.

I apologize for losing my calm. Fact is I tried to post a code example when I saw the OP had not received any reply and cried for ideas. I took the time and made the effort to test first a Web app to try to help and got nervous when the reply showed the OP thought it was not Web code and had apparently not even read the code.

I should have simply not posted anything.

Once again, I am sorry.

My 2 pennies worth:

Common manners and courtesy dictate that if someone tries to help you - you should thank them and be grateful - even if the code did not actually resolve your problem.

If any member who asked for help gets rude or obnoxious because they did not get an instant solution - then longer standing members here will naturally begin to lose patience with them - that is only human nature.

Likewise - more knowledgeable members also need to remind themselves occasionally that (as Norman stated) not all members code all day every day - and therefore, often ask basic, repetitive questions - as that may be the way that the person in question retains the information for future reference.

In short:

Less knowledgeable members - Please have respect for those who are kindly using their valuable time to help you. And remember to be courteous and thankful for ANY help offered.

More knowledgeable members - Please remember occasionally that not everyone is a full time developer, and different people retain information in different ways.

Since the death of my mum, (which has made me re-analyse my outlook in life) - I now try to adhere to the following:

Desiderata” (by Max Ehrmann 1927)