How to release freeware?


I am about to release a freeware app to the general public, but am curious how to do it as inexpensively as possible.

From looking everything over, the main expense looks like it will be bandwidth for users to download the app.

Are there any recommended sites that host free software so users can download it?

Suggestions? Thoughts?

Thank you. :slight_smile:



E-Junkie charge $5 per month and offer unlimited downloads for that.

I developp in my spare time and, as Iā€™m in France, I have a French host : . One of my donationware (now shareware for 6 months) is well known and often downloaded. Some years ago my host Orange suspended my website and sent me an email to tell me I was a professional user of my website and I should take another subscription. I answered that I was not a professional and they re-activate my website. And it continue as it was.

Then, it seems that (in France) the problem is more the use we do (pro or not) than the band-wish we take.

I have a free Weebly website for my apps that did downloads in the past. These days, all my apps are for iOS so the site is now for info. perhaps?

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