How to Refresh MobileTable with CustomCells?

I have a MobileTable with, say, 100 Rows using table.CreateCustomCell – based on Xojo’s ‘CustomCellDynamicHeight’ example.

If I click a button it filters the RowData() String DataSource array down to, say, 50 Rows by deleting them from the DataSource array.

My problem is that the MobileTable doesn’t refresh to show the changed Rows in the DataSource. If I scroll up or down, the MobileTable will refresh with the new data (ie missing the 50 filtered rows), but I would like to have it refresh immediately.

  1. If I use TableListbox.Refresh after I remove the Rows, there is no change - the removed rows remain.
  2. I can’t use TableListbox.ReloadRow(…, …) since I don’t know what rows are visible.
  3. I tried removing then re-adding the DataSource, but that didn’t help.

How can you force a MobileTable to Refresh the visible rows?

This should do the trick

Thank you @Jeremie_L that works well!