How to recover corrupted project

My machine suddenly shutdown because of power failure,
After restarting machine i am not able to open my xojo project.

It is showing error like this
This file appears to have been corrupted or it is not valid xojo file. Data will be recovered as much as possible.

How to recover my project?

Backup or SVN/GIT whatever you use.

i don’t have latest backup.

There is no any way to recover corrupted project ?

You can try to contact Xojo support.

a) Use a backup.
b) Better use 2 backups.
c) Use SVN/GIT whatever
d) If you don’t want to use text format then at least use external items. If the main project gets screwed up (been there, done that). Then you can easily recreate the main project.

Normally, Xojo keeps a backup and in case of power outage, it offers to open it at next launch. This did not happen ?

Perhaps it is still there.

Punch Window key-R and enter:


That will open the Roaming folder. Open the Xojo folder. You should see a series of folders such as 2019.031.00.FC.scxxxx.

Each will contain a series of files by the name of methods and event handlers. Inside, you should see your code, and some gibberish.

Depending on the complexity of the project, it will take more or less time to patiently recreate your project, but I believe everything is there.

Next time, follow Beatrix advice: better save twice to make sure :wink:

It only does this if you have RUN the project - its a safety measure in case the IDE crashes while running your project
It does not do this if you just open & edit the project

I do not know if it helps in this situation, but maybe you could try to open the file with Arbed: