How to record audio in Xojo?

I’m needing to record a brief audio sample using Xojo. While I’d like the solution to be cross-platform, I realize that the Windows, Mac, and Linux, audio systems are fairly different so that might not be possible. So let me start with Windows. Does anyone know how to record an audio file using Xojo in Windows?


I use the PortAudio functions in MBS. This doesn’t answer your question about “pure” Xojo though.

At this point, I’m alright with it not being pure Xojo. A plugin will do. I’ll go grab the plugins. Thanks!

So MBS Audio Plugin will do Cross platform recordings to get you audio frames.

Christian: I assume listing and selecting an audio in and audio out sources is included. Is there also any UI provided to allow the user to select this? Or just the hooks for the user to build their own?

The UI is not provided and up to you.
Please try example projects and see if you like it.