How to quit a web app

Hello. I’m new here and perhaps this is just a minor detail but I’m kind of detail oriented like that.

I want to add a “Quit” button to my app such that when the user presses it, the app completely ends and closes. I know that there is a “Quit” command for desktop app that will stop an application, but I don’t see an equivalent for web apps. The closest equivalent is “Exit”, which simply stops code from executing; it doesn’t close the app.

What do people with really polished web apps do about this? Do they expect users to close the browser tab when they are finished? Suggestions would be appreciated!

I think most expect the user to ‘log in’ and ‘log out’ when needed.

You generally can not close a browser window or tab from within a javascript app these days.

In my Web app, I send them to another URL then quit the session:


Oddly, WebSession.GoToURL() is missing from the documentation, see #70022