How to pull out child folders?

Hello all,

I am trying to create a place to store log files during a debug session.
The native path, in this case is:
E:\Axcys Embedded_Linux\Axcys Notifications\Notifier w URLConnection Array\DebugAxcysNotifier\DebugAxcysNotifier.exe

So what I want to do is to remove both the Xojo generated debug folder and the debug name

leaving only the path “E:\Axcys Embedded_Linux\Axcys Notifications\Notifier w URLConnection Array”

What is the best method to do this? I tried foldeItem but cannot seem to make it work.
Any ideas??



gives me the project folder at least on Windows.

That works great!

Edit** But the question then becomes how to know that there are 2 sub folders? I should not assume that there are always 2…

Thank you Wayne.


Make sure you wrap that code in #If DebugBuild. Unless you set the debug location in the IDE, there will always be 2 folders.

Create your own Logs folder in your Library\<> folder…
Then, store the logs there…