How to publish mac soft

So i just finish my soft for mac desktop and im ready to share between some users for testing.

How can i share it as trial with an expiration time? And prevent them to keep using it?

I investigated pace using ilok but it is too complicated for me.

I wonder if apple is the way to go via iCloud accounts?

The end goal is to offer a monthly subscription license per user so im looking at iCloud but not sure if this is doable via appstore and dont have the steps to start.

This is my first time. Any advice will help!

There’s several things here to think about.

The first is to understand the difference between iCloud and the App Store.

The App Store is where Apple’s sells your app and pays you a percentage of the profit.

iCloud is where users of your application can store data on Apple’s servers so it can be shared across their devices.

With the App Store you can offer subscriptions (you can also offer them if you sell on your own site also). App Store subscriptions will require learning how to use Apple’s StoreKit API, but then you can use the MBS plug-in or declares to access it.

You must make sure you read and understand all of Apple’s rules for using their App Store, In-App-Purchase and subscriptions, don’t try to implement what other applications have done because some developers are allowed to do things that others are not (ignore Apple saying all developers are treated equally, we all know it’s not true, and was proven to be false this year).

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