How to print dymo label

I need to print label from my iPAD application. Dymo provides driver for iOS but xojo does not support static libraries.
Can anyone tell me another way to do this ?

Thanks in advance

Connect the printer to the desktop and use AirPrint?

or (ducking) Use something other than Xojo?

I have used raspberry pi as middleware but still i was unable to print label from dymo label printer

I had an idea for my project where I have to print on all sorts of printers all over the network and even on dymo-printers on remote laptops in minibuses. Curious what you guys think about it

Depending on OS I would like to create a console app as a service or daemon. This app allways runs at the background, has a connection to the production database and it checks periodically (every 5 sec for example) for data to print in a dedicated table. The table contains at least printer-id, status, reference to the template to use and data in json format.
For printing you have the manufacturer driver software installed like you would use it for office software. The machine can also be a Raspberry PI of course.
Now, if you have an iPad app connected to the same production database, it should be easy to print on every printer which can be reached by your console app.

It would be better to set up a notification and trigger the notification on insert or update.

I agree, but so far I haven’t figured out how to do implement this.

I also would like to know how to print the dymo label from IPAD app but probably it’s a good idea to use a raspberry pi as middleware. Is the dymo software available to ARM linux?

Good luck Joost

Otherwise you could use a small x86 device.