How to Print a DesktopOpenGLSurface

I would like to print the contents of an OpenGL surface but I see that the “DrawInto()” function, or an OpenGL equivalent is not supported for that class. Can anyone suggest how I might print, either by accessing the underlying structures or by copying the screen pixels into a printer Graphics object?
This is for a Mac and Windows app. Mac is the priority.

You could use an MBS plugin to grab the picture from the screen. At the moment I don’t remember the name, but @Christian_Schmitz must be able to help.

This will grab a given portion of the screen:

In OSX you have the “screencapture” terminal command, so you could call that from a shell.

Regards - Richard.

Maybe try this?

Thanks Eugene, This is working to create the Picture. I just had to change OpenGLSurface to DesktopOpenGLSurface for my usage.

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