How to Operator_Convert() from Structure to Structure?

I have two global structures, let’s call them Struct1 and Struct2.

I like to be able to convert between those two without having to explicitly invoke a function for this. Like using Operator_Convert:

dim s1 as Struct1 dim s2 as Struct2 s2 = s1 // this is what I want to be able to write

However, it seems Operator_Convert only works with Classes. Since these are Structures, I wonder if there’s another way to make the above work.

Can you use


Nope, values are different - I have to convert the values individually.

Copy to string and back to structure.

Unlike classes, structs have no v-table of methods so there is no way to add “operator_XXX” to structs. The best you’ll be able to do is an extends methods that extends struct1, does the conversion and returns a struct2

dim s1 as Struct1
dim s2 as Struct2
s2 = s1.ToStruct2

dim s1 as Struct1
dim s2 as Struct2
s2.stringValue = s1.StringValue

if you want to move the bytes.

Yes, Jason, thanks for clarifying - that’s actually my current work-around.

I’d hoped that there’s a global kind of Operator_Convert that would let me define both the input and output type.