How to open the TextEdit app with document open?

How to open the TextEdit app with a text document (whose extension is not .txt but .out) ?
I tried this (without success)

Var sh As New Shell
sh.Execute("open -n " +


I changed the file extension of a text named Notes.txt to Notes.out and double-clicked into it.

Monterey told me that (above).

My answer is … use:

but TextEdit is not the default application to open that archaic type of file. (wikipedia)

What happens when you drag the .out file over the TextEdit app ?

Shouldn’t this be:

sh.Execute ("open -a Notes.out")

it open it. wikipedia says it holds text data…

TextEdit can also open binary files.

Syntax error !
Another suggestion?

sh.Execute("open -a Notes.out")
sh.Execute("open -a")
>> Syntax error.

Double dot “.” ! Excuse me.

still not working…

dim fap As folderitem = SpecialFolder. Applications.Child("") 
Shell1.Execute("open -n " + fap.ShellPath)
(try with "open -a" too)
Error message : "The file /Applications/ does not exist."

![Capture d'écran à Denis 2022-03-19 à 16.30.25|641x500](upload://a1GVyJK5m597U9leqc7jU5zyAYQ.png)

What does this message mean? Why it seems impossible to launch the application!


Is in your Applications folder? It is on my machine.

Yes, there is. That is why I do not understand.

That path is to your user Application directory, you should be targeting /Applications, not ~/Applications

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The open command uses the “-e” option to open the specified file in TextEdit.

This code works for me:

RunShell = New Shell // Property RunShell As Shell

Var file As FolderItem = SpecialFolder.Desktop.Child("simple.out")

RunShell.Execute("open -e " + file.ShellPath)

I would highly suggest to use an API and not command line to open it.
Like using LaunchServicesOpenXMBS function in MBS Xojo Plugins.

Works for me too ! Thank you very much @Paul_Lefebvre (and @Emily-Elizabeth_Howard too)