How to open the App Store App from HTMLViewer

I’m trying to provide links from within the HTMLViewer to open up the App Store app to my listing but I seems to have trouble getting it to launch using HTMLViewer.

I tried the “https://” link which I got from the “View in App Store” from iTunesConnect and that just open up the page in HTML Viewer. This link works correctly in Safari.

Tried replacing it with “itms://” or “itms-app://” but nothing happens.

What’s the right way to get that done ?


Here is what I do to show all my apps :

Christmas fonts :

Maybe you need to tell HTMLViewer how to proceed with Links which like to open a new Window?

Actually, I use ShowURL with the links I posted, which launches Safari and opens the App Store.

As far as I know HTMLViewer cannot open App Store directly.

Same here.

True. For security reasons, i assume.


Will open the link directly in the App Store application.

[quote=246765:@Sam Rowlands]macappstores://

Will open the link directly in the App Store application.[/quote]

This is how i do it in mySalesAgent for OS X Apps.

ShowUrl with that url should do it

I tried the macappstores:// link directly and it didn’t seems to work.

But using Norman’s method, I added this code inside the CancelLoad and it launches as it supposed to be

if left(url,13)="macappstores:" then ShowURL url Return true end if