How to obtain PDF binary data from an htmlViewer page

I’m using the new WKWebView-based htmlViewer and want to know if a PDF is displayed.

I’ve previously used this MBS function to get the data and then look to see if begins with “%PDF-”

dim pdf as string =

But mainFrameMBS is deprecated because it’s intended for 32-bit only and won’t work going forward.

The function HTMLTextMBS only returns text, which is empty if a PDF is displayed, and I haven’t been able to dig up any javascript functions that work.

Any suggestions?

What do you want to do ?

To read a pdf file as binary, use a BinaryStream. But this is certainly not what you what to do.

%pdf at the beginning of the file:
it is called a magic number. This exists also for png, heic, gif, 8BIM, etc.

More information here .

Not as straight forward as you used to, but, what about something in the event DocumentComplete, if the URL ends with pdf, use a socket to download it?

Change the channel to Add-ons and prefix the topic with MBS so that Christian can see the topic.

Maybe better change channel to Testers as Xojo 2020r2 is not yet released.

As I did recently do that for WebView.GetSourceData function in FileMaker, I can just copy & paste the code to our WKWebViewMBS class for Xojo.

So I’ll add for you:

MainResourceData(byref error as NSErrorMBS) as MemoryBlock

@Christian Schmidt

I’m using Xojo 2019R3, not a beta.

Thank you very much.

Then using should work perfectly!

Those web stuff is deprecated as we expect Xojo 2020 to come soon.

Christian I don’t think this is about the Xojo web framework.

As stated by the first post, mainFrameMBS is 32 bit only:

No, that’s not correct. mainFrameMBS is working fine for 64bit. I’d guess that “This method is not available in Xojo 2020r1 or newer as it is for MacOS 32-bit only.” is a copy-pasta error. Only the first part of the sentence is okay.

Yes, mainFrameMBS will not work in Xojo 2020r1, but works fine in Xojo 2019r.

I’ll update documentation.

@Christian Schmidt

To be clear, the new MainResourceData() will provide the functionality of mainFrameMBS but will work with Xojo 2020R1. Right?