How to name an app on linux other than FreshStart

I wrote, part of, a linux app almost three years. I picked it up again a couple of weeks ago. It is working fine, but I can not change the name of the application. Even though it has HPLC as name. Also, where I can put the various library .so files on the computer the application will find them without having to put them in a FreshStartLibs Folder. Do I need to indicate in the application somewhere where these files are located ? If so, where is that done.

I have tried hard to get this resolved by searching the internet, but I haven’t managed. I did change the app to a DesktopApplication which forced a very few minor corrections in the app.

Any help would be most helpful.

The name can be changed easily using gedit on a xml saved copy. I, naively, expected one would be able to do so with the IDE. My problem was due to the use of a 3-year old program edited by the latest Xojo version.

You can edit the application name by selecting the target operating system under Build Settings in the project navigator on the left-hand side of the IDE window. This will change the inspector, on the right-hand side of the IDE window, to show the editable properties including the “Linux App Name”.


As for the Libs folder, you generally shouldn’t mess with it or your application might cease to function.