How to monetize Xojo desktop and mobile Applications?

Would like to learn how to make money off of any Xojo-based applications.

Making money off of Xojo applications requires an analysis of what your subject matter expertise is and how you have the imagination to create a software product to utilize your expertise that will be useful or fulfil an entertainment need that the public does not yet know it needs but will want if you create it. There is no magic bullet for making money regardless of whether it is making a widget or providing a service. Imagination, skill and perseverance are the keys to success in any endeavor.

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Why ?

I make a little money with MacOS application, but as a hobbiest, I’m not a professional.
But if you want to make money on Android in 10 days, I think you shouldn’t wait for Xojo. It may be a little longer. I suppose other persons who follow Androird on Xojo will answer because I don’t know more.

Android is on the third position after ARM for Linux and ARM for Windows.

But I do not thinkl the OP was asking about that.

I don’t yet have any training or experience in software marketing.

Make promises and deliver when you can…

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Thomas, would you please share? Is it possible to make more money with Mac software than with Windows software?

Taking into account that there are more Windows computers out there than Mac computers, I doubt that. It really depends on what kind of application for what kind of customer group (business, individuals etc) you have in mind. @Tom_Dixon’s post summarizes it well.

There are lots of courses online to monetize apps. This "question " is to vague for the forum

There are many marketing-related posts on the Xojo blog that you might find helpful:

Xojo Blog marketing info

I’m on Mac, then I made my applications on Mac first. I bought a Window computer one or two years ago then I built (with some code change) some of my applications for Windows.
I filled an account on MacUpdate 10 years ago and I list my applications on it. I think many users found them there. But since MacUpdate has been bought by MacKeeper I do not update my listing as often. As my main applications is well known, I still have some donations. I don’t know the secret. @Michel_Bujardet gave a link to a website where you fill form for your application and they submit it to many others websites. But you have to pay then I didn’t use it.
My main application is SyncTwoFolders . I’m not on the AppStore, I wait for Apple to be oblige to offer another way for its costumers!

Thomas, if you don’t put your software in any glass window, how would you hope for people to know it even exists ?

Sure, you got to pay to play. And, no offense, but I doubt extremely much one of the biggest companies on Earth, Apple, will ever change its ways to accommodate you.

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Yes Michel, that’s why I spoke about the website you indicated month ago to put software on any glass window.
About the AppStore, I think Apple won’t be able to keep its abuse of dominant position. I think that other company will be able to sign softwares on Mac. They won’t do that for me, I know that. I just support persons who are against this abuse of dominant position. And as I can avoid the AppStore, I do it. And the more I wait, the more I say to myself I have to wait more until it stop. I won’t loose even if I’m wrong.

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There is politics, and there is your personal situation. Don’t confuse them.

You may be sympathetic to the cause of publishers who try to force Apple to stop its monopoly. That is alright. But you got to realize that it may be a while until other app stores start rivaling the Apple app store.

I had my apps listed on macupdate for a while. Sales were anecdotal. Perhaps one or two a month, when I am enjoying several hundreds on the MAS.

The issue here is that you got to sell, and that is done with the biggest players. For Mac and iOS, it is definitely the Apple App Stores.

I also sell Android apps. Contrary to iOS, there are other app stores than the Google Play store: the Amazon App Store, the Samsung Galaxy Store. Same as the Mac situation: sales on the Play Store are many, they are very few at Amazon and Samsung (less than $10 a month).

Even if and when other app stores than Apple’s come to be, that will probably do the same.

The only case where I sell significantly is on my own checkwriter-printer web site, for Windows apps. But yet again, the Microsoft Windows Store still sells two or three times what I do on my site.

Business is business.