How to manually free objects

Hi! I recently created a web spider project using rb, its very nice programming experience with rb.

the spider often works several days to collect information from the web, its customizable to use RBScript and other configurations to change its behaviors. its designed to enable long term running according to a schedule. after several days testing, the spider worked well except that the memory usage is very high about 600Mb to 1GB, even its in spare mode, the memory usage not down automatically. because the project is complicated( with massive application of xpath, html parser etc. ) and required several days to run, its difficult to figure out what objects exactly occupying how much memory.

How can i find them out and free them manually ? thank you

Xojo uses reference counting so objects that go out of scope should have their memory resources released automatically. It’s possible that you’ve discovered a memory leak in one or more of their objects or that your app maintains references to them when it shouldn’t. Considering the size and complexity of your app, there is no quick and easy solution. Check your app for objects that get created but remain in scope when they’re no longer needed and/or have something else maintaining a reference to them when they’re no longer needed. Those objects and/or references can be set to Nil if they themselves don’t go out of scope.

Thank you Frederick, i didn’t realize xojo’s way to manage objects, the life cycle of classes in the project are totally missing control.

i created html parser and dom ( and xpath, etc ) in xojo, just parsing a few html pages is difficult to realize memory problems are there. after massive application, the problem is suddenly coming out. even this is user-side problem, i still hope the future version of xojo having new feature to deal with such situation early and easily.

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