How to manage Application menus?

How to manage Application menus?
I have 3 “DesktopApplicationMenuItem” which are displayed well (but grayed out) and I don’t know where to put the code to make them live!
I just created a “Menu Handlers” event in my main Window1, now what?


Create the menu handlers in App…

have you selected the MenuItem Name from ComboBox at the right top?

Ok it’s done. And after ? (i have “Return True” in Menu Handler Untitled)

You place your code before Return True…

But you have to choose a name from the ComboBox at the MenuEditor’s top-right…

That is all.

Oh yes, I see…I put MenuItem Name = mnuAbout (I had to create 3 menuItem but I don’t see where I can add the 2 others in the “Add to App” menu>). Do I need to create 1 “Menu Handlers” per sub-menu???

each menuitem have a own name yes for each menu event.
over menu handler you add other events via context menu.
in the menu event you would usually call a method.

Okay I see. It’s good for me now. Big thanks.