How to make a USB Monitor program in 3 platforms(Linux+OSX+Win)

We are a small company, have some Macbook, Linux PC,and PC, we need build a USB Monitor program,need these features:

  1. Fobid all USB port until open the program input the correct Password.

  2. hidden the program’s process

  3. Fobid to kill the program process

Please give some idea or code, thank big guy very much!

We want to use XOJO Desktop version to develop ~_~

This sounds like attempts to hijack a users computer by forbidding them access to portions of their computers (USB ports) until YOU say it is ok…

For use in a corporate environment, perhaps… but for that there are sanctioned methods (at least for Windows) for doing this (Group Policy features I believe)… but I would not expect this forum to provide such information for use on “any” computer, as the ramifications could be malicious.

Besides I doubt XOJO would be capable of items #2 and #3 anyways.

That’s correct. In OS X there is similar functionality with user accounts in OS X Server. For Linux, well, it’s the Wild West baby. You can probably find a driver somewhere that you can download the source and compile yourself.

But really… This is something that you would need to control at the system level.

Thanks all guys,

I am Shareholders of the company, all computers is bought by us, only for some high-security file protect reasons.

In Windows, I believe the IT settings allow limiting access to a peripheral. Unfortunately, I have never used that feature, only encountered it because it messed up with some of my customers ability to install fonts.

I do know that all of our corporate PCs have the USB ports disabled via Group Policy, this is to keep anyone from loading un-sanctioned software via USB stick (they have no CD drives), or to “steal” confidential information. Attempts to email said data is intercepted by the email servers… While it is still possible to download via the internet (except from specifically blocked sites), that too is monitored, and pity the fool that does this without authorization :slight_smile:

HOPE to give some implemention advices.

Good news… something already exist: