How to load an URL after URL previously loaded on HTMLViewer?


How can I load an URL after an URL previously loaded.

If is loaded, the open


Change the url property twice.

ok, I gonna check it. And how can I know if the HTMLViewer is empty? in order to do an “IF” so. If HTMLViewer is not empty, then do something.

That’s the way, yes.

I’ve tested it now. Normally the htmlviewer has to be updated if you apply the same url to the property. That’s also logical because the url property is a computed property, which fires its code whenever it is called.

So there is probably soming strange in your code.

mmmm. I don’t know If I’m using it wrong.

Thats the way i’m Using it:

  1. I have an HTMLViewer and in the Open event of the Window. I’m using LoadURL.


And It loads that webpage.
I add pass and Id to this website to login.

When It loads and login successfully It redirects to:
And say me that my session will be active for 10 minutes.

Now I want to do this. When It charges or when URL = then open

Keeping in memory mi credentials (Pass and ID to enter the previous webpage)

Track the pages that are loaded in

In fact Thats the Way.

I Solved doing this:

At CancelLoad event on HTMLViewer:

IF URL “” Then

End If