How to know if an email attachment did not properly get emailed?

How to know if one or more email attachments did not properly get emailed even though the SMTP socket MailSent event executed?
Am I missing an error flag with regards to attachments?

Will the entire email fail if one or more attachments weren’t able to be properly emailed for whatever reason?

I’ve got to send emails that will have many attachments, the number changes for each email.

I need to know if an attachment failed to get sent or failed to attached properly.

I’m assuming checking the folderitem (attachment) for exists and <> nil aren’t the proper ways of doing this.

Doesn’t the SMTP and SMTP secure socket throw an error to indicate an attachment’s attached and transfer status?

Thank you in advance.

Mail (including their attachments) are just plain text. There is not fail for attachments AFAIK. Either the mail get sent or it doesn’t. Of course, both the sending and the receiving party may have filters installed to filter out attachments. I remember a lovely situation where I couldn’t send out zip files and the receiver couldn’t get the piz files.

Hi, i would check if the attachment does exist first before actually attaching it. so the failed to sent is not cause by non existent attachment.