How to know if an Accessibility Feature is on?

I think this was a feature introduced in macOS Big Sur, but in Settings… under Accessibility > Display there is a switch titled “Show toolbar button shapes”.

I tried googling this on my own first, to see if a Declare could tell me the value, but I got hung up in the weeds.

Is it possible to know if this feature is turned on or off?

I’ve created a DesktopCanvas based button (utilizing SF Symbols), and I want to mimic the border behaviour if I can.

Thank you.

There’s a request in the Apple Radar to expose such value

It’s unfortunate that the answer is no, but at least we know.

Thank you @Rick_Araujo, I didn’t know such a site existed.

Edited: As a work around, I guess I can make a user defined preference in the app, to turn this on or off.

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