How to install web application (Web Service) on remote server

I have created a web application, i am using it as a web service.
I am able to install it as a standalone program on my local machine but i want it to be installed on remote Linux server (e.g. Go Daddy Server).

Can anyone guide me to do so ?

I reccomend to use Lifeboat from @Tim_Parnell if you don’t have any knowledge how to set up your server properly.


See also my video: Installing a Xojo Web App Server

This is what helped me tremendously: How To Build a Linux Server for Xojo Web 2


Thanks for quick reply.

I have a dedicated server ready (Linux), but i never uploaded any web app to the server before.

so i just want steps to install my xojo web app to that server.

the you have two nice tutorials and one good software here to choose.


Sounds like Lifeboat’s just right for you! It handles installing everything a Xojo web app needs to run and configures all the Linux services for you.

Here’s how to get up and going with Lifeboat in less than five minutes:


Look into @Tim_Parnell 's LifeBoat. It will save you a lot of time and headaches.

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