How to include the DLL in my program

hi everyone, I finished my first program with xojo and it all works on the merivilla. I have only one question about it, when I go to build my program I sort of two “library and resources” folders and if I delete one of them the program doesn’t open. I would like to have a single folder with the DLLs already included in the executable. It’s possible?

The ability to make one standalone executable file ended many versions ago. The application needs both folders for your application to work. If you search the forum you will see some threads on ‘packaging apps’, which may or not be successful in compiling the folders and executable into one package/file executable.

Hi @Paul Budd, then Is it not possible to create an installation file containing all the necessary dll?

You can create an installer that includes all the DLLs, but it’s a bit different than a single .exe that can run on it’s own. For regular Windows users an installer is the preferred method of distribution.

You can find some information on making installers here:

Edit: Fixed link

Yes you can, as Tim has pointed out, I use InnoSetup all the time for creating standalone executable distribution files, BUT you won’t end up after installation with one executable file so perhaps I have misunderstood the question.

If you try Innosetup, the wizard is pretty good at walking you through the process.

JR Software - Innosetup

Where do I get my program scripts?

Create them using the wizard built in to innosetup as a starter. Point it to your executable file and directories (don’t forget to recurse subdirectories). When the script is built you can a look at it and much will make sense. Run the script, compile and test.

Hi, I found this errors. I modify the Path Source…I think that correct, but I have a error:

MyPathSource: C:\Users\marca\OneDrive\Documenti\Builds - RadioControlli Config.xojo_binary_project\Windows\Builds - RadioControlli Config.xojo_binary_project\Windows\RCQ3 DEVICE CONFIGURATION

Where is the problem?

Does the executable file exist at the location? Storing all within onedrive can also be problematic. I would suggest copying all your files for the app to a simpler path and try building from there. If you can avoid spaces in a filename it may assist, theres no reason you can’t use them but OS can be fussy about such file names if not enclosed wholly in quotes.

Yes, the file.exe it present

Ok, I resolve, now I have this error:

Is the file locked/in use by the system/your app?


Hi Mario, the error dialog tells you all.
You are copying a file in the folder containing a Xojo’s example project: I don’t think this is what you want.
Please pay attention to what you are copying and where the destination folder is.
In case you started from an Xojo’s example project after opening the project save it to a new folder accessible to you as a system user: don’t modify or compile the example project directly.

Program files folder has admin properties. Yo should not be using it as work path.