How to implement a searchField iOSMobileTable

Since 2.0 you can add a search field to an iOSMobileTable, but I can’t find anywhere info how to implement.
Can somebody give me a hint?

Just activate AllowSearch in iOSMobileTable ans add SearchChanged-Event.

I did, but nothing happens

Turn the AllowSearch property to ON (True).

Pull down on the table in a running app to display the search field. The SearchChanged event is called when text is entered into the field.

Does it work with mobileTableCustomCell?

It works with the table. It doesn’t matter how you’ve populated the table.

If you create a new project it is working.
If you add a iOSMobileTable to an existing (before 2.0) project, it is not working.
It is like the Timer problem.

You may need to put it on an iOSLayout for it to work as it interacts with the view.

I don’t follow you.
I have to change the super of an iOSScreen into iOSLayout?