How to implement 3D Physics Engine?

I’ve went through some tutorials for 3D and learned how to do OpenGL now in XoJo pretty well. I’m at the point where I want to implement a 3D physics system. I’ve heard of the newton library but not sure if this is the best for this, or how to even integrate that into XoJo. Where is a good place to start? Is there a good 3D physics engine I can use?

Box2D I think only does 2D physics so I’m not sure if that will work for 3D?

To implement an engine, you find a framework in another language that makes sense to you and you try to port it to Xojo. Or you do a lot of studying and write one of your own. Either way, you’re in for a LOT of time, start with 2D, it’s complicated enough. And yes, Box2D, as the name suggests, is for 2D.

I started a Box2D port last year, but ran in to a wall I couldn’t knock down.

You could also search on for “programming 3d games” or “programming 3d” and you will find lot of books explaining the issues. Unfortunately not by using Xojo.

A 3D physics engine is part of the roadmap of, but won’t be ready anytime soon.

Here is a very good article about writing your own physics engine (try out the JavaScript examples… they look great)…

How Physics Engines Work

and one of the examples in action…

Thanks very much for the articles I’ll be reading that all today. Much appreciated!