How to ideas - REST API for PostgreSQL

Hello all,

I need to create both sides of a REST API for my project(s). I have not ever done this before so I am not really sure what the best way is to go about this. There are a number of API tools such as PostgREST which is specifically for PostgreSQL. But is it better to make my own?

Tried PostgREST but it was rather painful/difficult to get it started. So now I am wondering if it is better to just make my own or keep forging ahead with PostgREST.

If pursuing in Xojo, can anyone suggest or point to some sample code? Is Xojo fast enough to handle the many requests that will come into the system?

Any other recommendations?


If you can define a set of actions your app needs, and it is not too many, writing your own rest API might be the best approach. With your own API, you have full control of both sides.

You can use a web app to execute REST API commands (Like Luna and adapt it to you.
I’ve made so for a client.

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It looks like that is abandonware, the link to “Learn more:” shows 404.
@Tim_Dietrich any plans to release a Luna version for Web2?

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+1 that would love to have Luna /Aloe ( & ) documentation and webpages available @Tim_Dietrich

I’ve created a repository of my version issued from 2016 version of Tim
Hope it help


I know nothing about this repo but I noticed it recently.

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Aloe Express has been updated to API 2 by @DerkJ

You’ll find it on GitHub: sworteu/Express: Express is a Xojo API 2.0 compilant speed optimized webserver that is orignally based on AloeExpress by Tim Dietrich.


I have been using GitHub - alixaxel/ArrestDB: RESTful PHP API for SQLite, MySQL and PostgreSQL Databases for the past 9 years. But there are more modern solutions

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I’ve uploaded the archive of the website that Tim sent me in November 2019.
I hope this helps.

Thanks everyone!

It looks like some of the hard work has been done already. I’ll be checking these out more!


I would go with Supabase which has an underlying Postgres and a very stable Rest API

Postman is a company that has all sorts of tools and moch ups for making your own APIs.

You can create and test the API separately from the implementations.

For the actual implementation of a REST API I usually use: