How to hide Windows task bar?

Hello all.

This is really crazy, but several years ago I wrote code in RB, and cannot figure out where I wrote the code to hide the Windows Task Bar! I completely forget how to do it so after searching the rather large app code without any luck, I was hoping someone might know how to Hide/Show the windows task bar? With that, maybe I can find the code and move on…

Any help would be appreciated!

Windows API; FindWindow and SetWindowPos

window1.MenuBarVisible = False

Hides the system UI such as the start menu and taskbar.

Thanks guys!
Will check these and advise…

An unfortunate junior moment…

That didn’t do it. No code like that anywhere… this, btw was done about 3 or 4 years ago…

@Tim Seyfarth

Hi TIm,

I tried Tim Hare’s suggestion and it works. It appears that you may need to add the following code for each window:

Sub Action() Handles Action Window1.MenuBarVisible = False End Sub

Here is a download link to the running program:

Let me know if this works for you.