How to handle words without spaces

I’m starting to translate some apps to chinese (simplified) and would appreciate help on this regarding my lack of knowledge for this language.

I have a function to display text in a canvas centered and splitted into rows, this function calculates needed space for the words (space separated characters) in a sentence but as far as I know they are no spaces in a simplified chinese sentence and my function won’t split it because it is treated as a single word.

Is it correct to assume that each character is always a word and I can split a collection of characters at any place?


In Chinese, a single character can mean one thing but put next to another character, it can change the meaning of the word.

For instance, ? means I or me but if put together as ??, it means us as a collective group of people.

With that said, you have rightly pointed out that there is no word separator in Chinese so it is okay to treat each character as a lone character as far as doing splits. A native reader would know what the sentence mean by reading it.

Thanks so much Edwin, this helps me a lot.