How to handle 'change' event of listbox

There is a listbox having several rows, and I am trying to display the value of the specific column into textarea as a user moves keyboard(arrow) or mouse click on the row.
For this requirement, I use ‘change’ event of listbox.
It works well except one thing.

When I click other row in listbox, actually it is empty row, column values of all of rows are displayed in textarea.

statementArea.text = Me.Cell(Me.listindex,12)

Do you know what is wrong?

If me.ListIndex <> -1 Then
statementArea.text = Me.Cell(Me.listindex,12)
StatementArea.text = “”
End If

Ah… -1
I learned that.

It works well. Thank you so much.

If you allow multiple Row selection, it appears to me that the first (from the top, the lower Row # value) Row contents is displayed.

I do not care, but you may.

PS: I love to get that Row contents replication (even if I let the Tab value in the TextField).