How to globally detect keyboard layout and key press?

Dear forum

I’ve a problem with FileMaker Pro app with some Thai character input. The app doesn’t accept a few key press but can accept Cmd/Ctrl+V paste action.

For example, If I want to type " ???", I can only get “??” (the uppervowel character is not accept.)
But if I paste the same word, it’s ok.

My solution on Windows side is

  1. create an application stay on System Tray
  2. detect global key press for the certain keys
  3. paste the non-typable character automatically (same as ctrl+v), in the above example is that upper vowel character.

So, basically when I have the utility run in the background, I can just type “???” like it should, but the upper vowel character is typed via Ctrl+V action.

The Problem

I want something like this on Mac. I can write Xojo but since mostly I do database application development. I have no knowledge for the Mac OS X system.

  1. How to globally detect key press, if I have my app running in background or as menu item?
  2. How to programmatically paste (like cmd+v) to the target application. I think it may be involve Accessibility framework sort of thing.

Please, if anybody can help me.

I’m glad to pay for someone that can help me through this problem. Please contact me via sjedt AT 3ddaily DOT com

Well, nobody can give me some hint? Please…

I would say that since this has been here for a week, and nobody has responded… then one of three things are occuring

  1. nobody understands you description enough to hazard a guess as to a solution
  2. somebody does understand your description but has no solution
  3. nobody has had an interest or inclination to do the research required

look here :

  1. “this should already work on OS X” without needing some global app catching keystrokes to paste into Filemaker text input areas ASSUMING Filemaker has done things correctly on OS X