How to get screen height?

I am about to create a web dialog but I need to maximize its height depending on user screen.
How to get screen height of user screen?

Check the height of the main webpage you have. That is your screen.

The problem with that approach is when user are not maximizing his screen.
Any other suggestion?

Yes, but what if you believe in your users (they will probably enlarge their screen when they will need it) ?

You’re looking for the JavaScript Screen object. You’ll need to pass this data base to your project to be useful.

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Thank Anthony.

If its ok, can you show me sample on how to get values from javascript to xojo?

For Web, you basically need to familiarize yourself with the Web SDK. Examples and documentation are included with the Xojo install. For Windows:
C:\Program Files\Xojo\Xojo 2021r1.1\Extras\WebSDK
For macOS:
/Applications/Xojo 2021 Release 1.1/Extras/WebSDK

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Oh… that’s a lot of work.