How to get rid of a Disclosure arrow in a table cell

I’m using an IOSTableDataSource to populate a table. In the RowData method, I’m setting the AccessoryType to ‘Detail’. This works, except that in addition to the Detail icon displayed, I also get a Disclosure arrow. Correct me if I’m wrong, but this doesn’t seem like correct behavior. I’ve tried setting the AccessoryType to ‘None’ and then setting it to ‘Detail’, but this had no effect.

Anyone found a workaround? Is this a known problem?

Clarification: It seems like wrong behavior because a Disclosure arrow indicates that when you click the cell, it takes you to a new table in the hierarchy. So if there’s only details of a specific cell to be displayed, you click on a Detail icon to reveal that. Having a Detail shouldn’t require having a Disclosure as well. It seems misleading. But I’m having trouble finding any human interface guidelines examples.

It may depend on how XOJO maps this to iOS

iOS has FOUR accessory types

  • DisclosureIndicator : chevron
  • DetailDisclosureButton : info button and chevron
  • Checkmark // checkmark. doesn’t track
  • DetailButton : info button only (ios7+ only)

So it seems that Xojo currently doesn’t implement DetailButton. What Xojo calls Detail is actually DetailDisclosureButton. Hopefully the fourth option will be added soon.

You should have a look at Example Projects/iOS/Controls/Table/TableDetail.xojo_binary_project for the way to catch a tap on the detail and display more.

There is a much better implementation of UITableView (which iOSTable is based on) available in dtPlugins ios, at . You can download a functional demo to play with the classes.