How to get only English result from Shell

There is a module to make a Window service in my Windows(Desktop) application.
In the DataAvailable event of a Shell, I parse the result of Windows command and with the parsed information, I decide if Windows service is registered well or not, furthermore, to check if Service is running well or not.

I noticed that if the Window use other language like Korean/Japanese/Chinese and so on, I should parse the shell result accordingly.
I think if I add more parsing module for those languages, there will be no problem.

My question is:
Is there any way for me to get the English result even though user is using other language pack in his windows system?
If that is possible, the code can be simpler.


Any idea?

did you check if shell apps can be influenced with a command line parameter or an environment variable for current language setting?

The shell command itself is not influenced by other factors such as language setting.
I thought I should parse the shell result according to the language stuff.
However, I noticed that the results also have the status code, so I believe I can use that code without consideration of language setting.

Thanks for your comment.