How to get newer version of MySQL on XojoCloud?

I’ve had my XC server for quite a while, and it’s been almost as long since I needed to do anything with the DB on the server, but now I do and I am stuck…

The MySQL on my XC server is version 5.5.68, and I am using MySQL Workbench as my DBMS. The versions of Workbench that run on my machine don’t support v5.x, and the versions of Workbench that support v5.x are to old to run on my machine.

How do I get MySQL updated? @Jason_Parsley are you the one to talk to?


Hi Cliff - Yes, I’m the one to talk to. If you want to email me (jason@xojo…) we can work out then details :slight_smile:

Hi Cliff - I sent you email yesterday but it doesn’t seem like you are getting my email. I also sent you a PM here in the forum. If I don’t hear back, I will try calling you on Monday.

I am getting your emails, but it looks like you’re not getting mine :frowning:

I’m ok with anytime for the upgrade. And the latest version is ok.


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