How to get NativePath of SD Card in Linux?

I’m trying to get native path of an attached and mounted SD Card on Ubuntu Linux by using FolderItem.DriveAt(x).NativePath but I always get only a slash (/) instead of: /media/parallels/mysdcard

Doing df on cli level shows this, so the SD card is present with a given path:
/dev/sdb1 13433444 51900 13381544 1% /media/parallels/mysdcard

I got a proper native path on Mac and Windows for the SD card but not in Linux. In Linux I got a valid native path only for permanent drives. So I assume that an attached USB stick will also show a slash as native pat. Also tested the Name property and get also a slash, expected its label: “mysdcard”

Is this a bug or am I doing something wrong?

Xojo: 2022, Release 4.1
Ubuntu Linux: 22.04

did you ever solve this? i have the same requirement

Yes but not by Xojo. I parse what is returned by:

  • Windows: powershell volume
  • Linux: df -T
  • Mac diskutil list

Hope that helps