How to get application name

I found app.ExecutableFile.NativePath but I was wondering if there’s something “closer” to the app name.
I need to get the libs folder also,



AppName = App.ExecutableFile.Name
That will get you the Windows App Name (assuming you set it in the Build Settings).

  • Dale

If you’re trying to get the libs folder use TPSpecialFolders
It has special folder paths that should have been built in.
It does so using native declares on Mac (thanks to Sam Rowlands) and on the Windows side I’ve made it check for both valid names for the Libs folder.

The module is free with no strings attached.

Tim, Im sure yr plugin is perfect but woudlnt App.ExecutableFile.Name+" Libs" be enough ?
am I missing something ?

what if the libs folder has been rename as simply ‘Libs’ instead of ‘ libs’??