How to get a NativePath String --> Folderitem?

Hi everyone,

In the below test code I am trying to load a native path string into a folderitem easily :slight_smile: I am searching through the folderitem methods and can’t quite find what i am looking for. Here is my code I am trying to simply load the “UserSelectedPath” string into a new Folderitem.

  Dim dlg as New OpenDialog
  Dim AddLocal_ICP_LogFolder as FolderItem


  If AddLocal_ICP_LogFolder <> Nil then
    ICP_Log_NameString = dlg.Item(0).Name
    UserSelectedPath = dlg.Item(0).NativePath
// Here I need to load UserSelectPath string into a new Folderitem

  End if

Any pointers would be very much appreciated!


Well if UserSelectedPath is a STRING, and dlg.ITEM(0) is a folderitem already (since you are extracting NATIVE PATH)

why not just say myFolder=dlg.Item(0)

assign a folderitem to a folderitem?

Dave… Perfect! :slight_smile: Once again I was overcomplicating my workflow :slight_smile: Thank you very much!