How to drop current connection on serversocket

Hi all,

i have silly question, im developing a small app for myself to use on my work, im using serversocket control and im successfully listening a selected port(s), but i feel silly as i am unable to find way to drop connection on serversocket side. There is serversocket.stoplistening but It does not terminate any established connections as said on documentation. Is there way to stop or “reset” ports without quitting the app itself?

Loop over ServerSocket.ActiveConnection. This gives you a TCPSocket for each active connection. TCPSocket has a Close method.

feedback case: 14042 - ServerSocket.IsListening and ServerSocket.StopListening is broken in RS 2010R4 Final Candidate 1

From Downloaded example of case ID: 13015, when button “Stop Listening” is entered the TextArea Display “Server Socket is Not Listening”
But If you enter in Windows Command prompt: netstat -a you will find the port 8000 is still listening, even though no connections are made to the listening port 8000

This was filed in year 2010

Thank you both, solved.