How to Download a List of Files on a Server?

I have a web server, I need a way to download list of the files in a specific folder on it. I was using FTPKit, but it’s 32 bit and won’t run on Catalina.

Suggestions for replacements?

A normal secure socket is enough.

In FTPKit, all I had to do was this:


I haven’t a clue where to start when using a SSLSocket. Getting connected is easy, but after that?!?

Look up CURL. It will let you list files via ftp and comes standard with MacOS, unless Catalina did away with it.

Here’s some examples. Even though its for Linux it should work for OSX.


John, there are examples for using MBS CURL plugin and FTP

Yes, it turned out the hard part was coming up with the path to my server, which was far from obvious (it’s a shared server). Once I had that, the rest was relatively easy and I can now happily report SUCCESS!

Thank you all for your help!