How to do sub menues using popup?

Hello all,

Using a WebPopupMenu, I need to create a sub menu.

=====>> MenuA.1



Is this possible and if so, how to do it?

It should be the same as desktop, just add the sub items to the parent.

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Hi Greg,

With WebPopupMenu there’s only the AddRow method. Also could not find any samples for DesktopPopupMenu either.


My guess is that you want something like this:

but Xojo needs to change the overflow. Currently the most you can do without any change is:
2024-07-08_18-26-10 (1)

Edit: code for the menu above

Var other As New WebMenuItem("other")

code for App HTML Header for first image:

.dropdown-menu {
   overflow-y: visible !important;

If this is not what you want and you mean WebToolbar, let us know.

Hi Alberto D

I never wrote WebToolbar. I was writing about WebPopupMenu.

As for the look, that is what I was getting at. If you look at original post, it shows the same as you did…

Is your sample code for a WebPopupMenu or a WebToolbar?


That’s why I tested with WebPopupMenu as you can see on the screenshot and GIF.


Thanks Alberto - was not sure which you were writing to.

I’ll try it out!

Thank you,

It looks like it’s not supported at the moment. It isn’t supported either in DesktopPopupMenu. What’s the use case?

The closest thing I’ve found with HTML is grouping the options, with the <optgroup> element:
The Option Group element

Please open a Feature Request if you need something like this.

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Created Issue/Request #76881

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I have never seen a Popup with sub-menus (at least I don’t remember).
I don’t think is an easy feature to add to Xojo web, it needs to deal with RowTags, RemoveRows on the sub-menus, among other things.
Can you give an idea of what you are trying to do with this feature?
Any site that has the option?