How to disable/enable a cell or cell checkbox

Hello all,

Can anyone tell me how to make an individual cell, or cell checkbox disabled - and enabled? They are enabled by default but I want to be able to disable one or more but not necessarily all.


Return True from CellClick to discard the mouse click on the cell checkbox.

Hi Tim,
It’s not clicked - I need to set it programatically.

individual cells dont have an enabled / disabled state

Use CellCheck or CellState.

How about rows? Can they be enabled/disabled?

Thanks guys,

No, rows cannot be enabled or disabled.

Entire controls can be enabled or disabled
In this case that would be the listbox
If you want “rows that are disabled” then you’ll need to write that code as thats not a standard behavior of the listbox
If you want cells that are disabled then you’d have to write code to do that

A listbox subclass is a good place to start
This thread is a good one to follow about doing this