How to disable ALT + F4 and Ctrl + Alt + Delete

using last version of Xojo and Monkeybread software plug ins.
Any method to block ALT + F4 and Ctrl + Alt + Delete on Modern 64 bit apps for Windows.

I need to block the way to exit the app for a kiosk app.

Please check the WindowsKeyFilterMBS class.

You can either block your own combination or just set BlockAltF4 property to true.

BlockControlAltDelete doesn’t seems to work. Any solution or code for this one?

Ctrl-Alt-Delete is purposely not catchable on Windows.

Yes, I may hide that property.

Any freeware or open source solution doing that?

Remove the delete key?

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I assume you’re building a kiosk application? Because otherwise I really want to know what you’re up to…

He said

Haha thanks. I need my eyes checked.

I expect you need to configure Windows to disable control-alt-delete since this is not something an app can catch.


In my experience, using windows for kiosks is a PITA. You have to disable all the auto updating, and hope it does not decide to do “that security update” or push to the next version of windows. Then you get the blue screen setup your user on update which needs user intervention. As well as all the fun trying to lock the user down.

Try Linux. Your easiest option may be a raspberry pi, configured only to run your desktop application.