How to disable a webContainer and the webContainers contained in it

Is it possible to disable a webcontainer so that the webcontainers contained in it do not respond to actions?

I see that “Enable” works well in Rectangle. You can insert Container1 into Rectangle1 and:
Rectangle1.Enable = False
works well.
Or put all objects that are in Container into Rectangle:
Container1->Rectangle1->(TextField1, TextField2,…) and do:
Container1.Rectangle1.Enabled = False

This is just a quick tip on how to solve the problem

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tnx i try

i have tried but when i add a lot of webcontrols to the rectagle, if the total height of webControls is more that the height of rectange, scroolbars is not showed

Sorry i foget to mension that the added web container are dynamically added to rectangle