How to disable 32 bit warnings in macOS

Does someone know a trick to prevent the 32 bit app warnings from popping up every time I run a Mac app in the debugger?

Such as setting a global macOS preference or setting some extended attributes on the built app?

Maybe this can help?

Well, I may be wrong but does it not require a managed User environment?
How can I use it on a plain macOS?

[quote=395906:@Thomas Eckert]Well, I may be wrong but does it not require a managed User environment?
How can I use it on a plain macOS?[/quote]

Sorry, i just discovered this with DuckDuck :wink:

Right. I just tried this out and it doesn’t work on a “normal” admin account (the profile can be installed but seems to have no effect). Damn.

check this mobile config file.
It’s just a plist to set an entry in a plist.
So set CSUIDisable32BitWarning yourself and be happy.

defaults write -g CSUIDisable32BitWarning -boolean TRUE

should work, too.

Christian, have you tested this? I tried both the mobilecnfig file (as I just explained) and the cmd. Neither has the desired effect

You are correct. Doesn’t work for Mojave. Maybe it was for High Sierra only.

have you seen file in preferences?
It has an entry per app seen.

a hot tip, buy the newest Xojo version

What does the newest version of Xojo have to do with the question from Thomas?

I have to agree that this is a huge annoyance when opening old projects.

Use macOS El Cap or Sierra for Mac development and you’ll not get the 32-Bit warning :slight_smile:

Yeah, Sam. In a way that may be the smartest solution because I won’t get distracted by all the new macOS gimmicks and can better focus on getting something done :wink:

It’s one of the reasons why I do all my development on El Cap, it’s more reliable than Yosemite, faster than Sierra and wasn’t a soul crushing bug fest like High Sierra.

El Cap is far from perfect, it needs restarting at least once a week (sometimes more), it needs regular maintenance with fsck and repairing of the launch services database.

So far Mojave seems stable, I am hoping that it will be good enough that I can feel confident to upgrade my development OS.